MikroTik Hotspot

With MikroTik router, you can start a WiFi hotspot system from almost anywhere including your home.

Public WiFi

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What is HotSpot?

A HotSpot is a way to authorize users to access some network resources but does not provide traffic encryption. To log in, users may use almost any web browser, so they are not required to install additional software. The gateway is accounting the uptime and amount of traffic each client have used, and also can send this information to a RADIUS server. 

The HotSpot system may limit each particular user's bitrate, the total amount of traffic, uptime and some other parameters mentioned further. The HotSpot system is targeted to provide authentication within a local network (for the local network users to access the Internet), but may as well be used to authorize access from outer networks to access local resources (like an authentication gateway for the outside world to access your network). It is possible to allow users to access some web pages without authentication using the Walled Garden feature.